This Australian Teen’s Desserts Are Beyond Amazing

Jonathan Massaad is 17 years old and has established his own dessert business called Sugar High Desserts

Massaad’s Instagram account has over 21,000 followers.

While most 17-year-olds are focused on school or being teenagers, Jonathan Massaad is focused on making intricately designed desserts that look like the work of a professional pastry chef.

His dessert line is called Sugar High Desserts, and his Instagram account has over 21,000 followers, which shows just how talented he is. Massaad is based in Sydney, Australia and his love affair for baking started when he was 11 years old and used cake-mix packets to make desserts.

“One of my first official cakes for an event was a Malteser-covered chocolate cake for my sister’s birthday, which was such a crowd pleaser,” Massaad told BuzzFeed.

His desserts are very detail-oriented. For example, Massaad made a Sugar High Galaxy Cake with colorful candies, pink paint splatters, and topped with a pink doughnut. He also made Signature Golden Gaytime Fudge Pops, which are mini ice cream bars propped on small doughnuts.

Massaad currently delivers his desserts to about six to 12 clients each weekend, but has bigger plans to expand his business once he almost finished with college.


“I have decided that opening a patisserie would be best once I am within my final year at university completing a business course,” Massaad told BuzzFeed.