This App Will Recommend Recipes to Match Your Favorite Instagram Photos


Have you ever seen an amazing photo of a Mason jar salad on Pinterest but have no clue how to make it? This app is the answer.

Until now, the value of most Internet food porn was aesthetic, not functional. But now there’s an app out there that can help you turn that Instagram snap of beautiful homemade sushi or paleo-friendly grilled salmon into a recipe that you can follow along yourself. That’s what Handpick, the ingredient recommendation search engine and app, promises with its new Recipe Match feature.

Recipe Match’s algorithm scans the hashtags used in the social media post (Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest) and analyzes the photo itself for ingredients, then comes up with similar, highly rated recipes so you can try out the food item in the photo yourself. Handpick’s CEO Payman Nejati broke down how Handpick’s new feature works.


“Handpick's food visual recognition automatically detects if a picture is an actual photo of food or not,” said Nejati. “Assuming it is, it then classifies it against a quality score ranking from 1 to 5, it then sorts it in a food genre (dessert, salad, or sandwich, for instance) and visually recognizes ingredients that are clearly visible in the picture. Handpick surfaces the post in the Handpick App and matches it with dozens of recipes using a similar set of ingredients and dish types.”