City Bakery Slams Dominique Ansel’s Cronuts as “Lousy”

Maury Rubin, owner of New York’s City Bakery, definitely doesn’t see Ansel’s Bakery as a threat

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Rubin feels that his pretzel croissant outshines the cronut. Risky move?

It turns out that not everyone is enamored of New York’s most famous pastry. Maury Rubin, the owner of New York’s City Bakery, home of pretzel croissants and enormous cookies, slammed Dominique Ansel’s cronut in an interview with New York Magazine, calling it “lousy.”

His exact quote in reference to the cronut as a competitor with his own bakery’s pastries was, “That a pastry chef is going to make a lousy croissant? You know what? I’m not even going to hold that against him, because most people make lousy croissants.” Ouch. He goes on to further explain: When the Cronut became a thing, I just thought, ‘oh, my God, that’s perfect! His croissant sucked, so he threw it in oil.’ And I think, ‘brilliant!’”

But he didn’t entirely condemn the cronut, saying that he liked the concept because it was innovative, and he enjoys innovative creations. The Daily Mail contacted Dominique Ansel for comment, but his team said that he is busy working on his cookbook launch (which will be coming out tomorrow). Instead Ansels’ team said: "Starting any business is difficult, and our entire team works hard daily as part of a culinary community that has always supported each other. We have no intention to break away from that tradition and try our best to always treat colleagues and competitors alike with professionalism. We will continue to support food businesses, innovation, and the hardworking chefs moving our community forward.”

So what makes a great croissant then? Rubin says the best croissants are half-butter. Works for us.

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