Check Out the Food-Themed Movies at TriBeCa Film Festival

Check Out the Food-Themed Movies at TriBeCa Film Festival

This is the original location of Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs featured in the documentary Famous Nathan.

The Daily Meal gives you a sneak peak look at four feature films and documentaries at the 13th annual TriBeCa Film Festival that deal with the food and drink industry, from exploring the background and history of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs to the fictional story of one chef’s dream to become a food truck owner.

Famous Nathan — What would Coney Island (or New York, for that matter) be without those famous plump franks served at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs? Narrated and directed by Nathan’s grandson, Lloyd Handwerker, this documentary, using many home videos, takes a look behind the scenes of the Nathan’s story, from where it all started and how it grew into the legacy it holds today.

Catch it: Friday 4/25 at 8:30 pm at Bowtie Cinemas or Saturday 4/26 at 3:30 pm at Bowtie Cinemas

Food Chains — Produced by Eva Longoria, this documentary shines a light on the dark side of food production, from agricultural malpractices to outright wage theft. We often don’t get to see (or think about), who had to suffer for our food to arrive hot on our plates. 

Catch it: Saturday 4/26 at 2 pm SVA Theater 1

Chef — A fictional look inside the competitive world of chefs trying to make it in the culinary industry. Jon Favreau directs this film about a frustrated chef who hits the road with only his son and his sous chef in the hopes of starting a successful food truck business. Starring Sofia Vergara, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Oliver Platt, and Amy Sedaris 

Catch it: Sunday 4/27 at 9 pm SVA Theater 2 Beatrice

The Search for General Tso — There are tens of thousands of Chinese restaurants all over America, and all of them seem to have one menu item in common: General Tso’s Chicken. This documentary takes a look at who General Tso really was, how this dish came to be so popular, and how it links to the identity of Chinese-Americans.

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