Burger King Lists Wrong Number on Website; Hilarity Ensues

Burger King Lists Wrong Number on Website; Hilarity Ensues
Burger King

This guy is pretty creative. We probably would have kept angrily hanging up the phone.

What do you do if suddenly your office number is bombarded by phone calls from customers and employees who think they’ve called their local Burger King? In the case of “Kevin” a regular guy from Chicago, whose number just happened to be listed accidentally as the local Burger King’s number: you have a little bit of fun.

That’s right, when “Kevin” found out what had happened, he decided to prank a few unsuspecting callers. When a new BK employee called, he told her that she’d have to be “feathering and butchering” during her shift, and asked if she wanted “blood duty” or “cleanup duty.” He also tells her that one of her duties will be to “stand with someone else at the register to hit the “0” button anytime it’s necessary because that button is broken. To another woman who called to complain about the poor customer service she had received upon her lunch visit to Burger King, he completely blew off and said he “doesn’t care” about her experience.

Eventually, during the calls, “Kevin” owned up to his ruse, and the callers (hopefully) enjoyed being the butt of a harmless impromptu joke. 

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