Brisbane Chef Allegedly Killed and Cooked His Girlfriend

Inside the chef’s apartment, police are believed to found human remains in a pot on the stove
Brisbane Chef Allegedly Killed and Cooked His Girlfriend
Screencap/Sky News

Marcus Volke is believed to have killed his girlfriend and cooked her remains.

Marcus Volke, 28 year-old chef from Brisbane, Australia, is believed to have “killed, dismembered, and cooked” his girlfriend, Mayang Prasetyo, inside their apartment in Teneriffe, reports The Courier Mail.

Police arrived at the apartment unit after receiving complaints from the building manager about an unusual smell, which building tenants described as an “eye-watering,” “increasingly foul smell” coming from the unit since earlier in the week.

Although police have yet to confirm the details, it is believed that human remains were found “in a large pot on the stove and in garbage bags,” and police have been photographed leaving the apartment complex with large drums used for storing medical waste.

An officer from the RSPCA was also called to collect several pugs from the apartment, believed to be the couple’s pets.

Volke “answered before fleeing through a window” and attempted to evade police. Volke was then found dead nearby “with a fatal self-inflicted throat wound.”

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