Book It! Alumni Get Free Pizza From Pizza Hut

If you participated in the Book It! Reading program as a child, you are eligible to get a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut

Oh the places you’ll go, or rather…oh, the pizza you’ll eat!

It looks like all of that time spent scaring yourself silly with Goosebumps books will pay pizza! Pizza Hut is partnering with Book It! for the programs’ 30th anniversary. Remember that program you participated in when you were a kid, where you exchanged time reading some Scholastics classics for pizza? Well now you can wax nostalgic about your 4th grade reading habits, because Pizza Hut is giving out free personal pan pizzas to Book It! Alumni.

“The number one thing we get asked by any adult who went through the program is can we please develop an adult version of the Book It! Program,” said Shelley Morehead, BOOK IT! Program Manager. “With the creation of the Book It! Alumni page, we now have a destination to celebrate the positive memories that so many kids, now adults, have with the program.”

More than 60 million kids have participated in the reading program since its inception in 1984, so chances are you probably did too. But to jog adult readers/pizza lovers’ memories, here’s a link where former Book It! participants can sign in to the alumni page, and humble brag about the how far they’ve come since learning to read by listing their current occupation and location.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi