Behold the Almighty Unlimited Bacon 5K Race

Behold the Almighty Unlimited Bacon 5K Race

These runners, from a previous Piggy Chase, have just completed their race and are noshing on some bacon! This could be you!

You’ve heard of zombie runs and color runs, but this 5k, coming soon to Chicago, Minneapolis and more, takes the cake — er, the skillet. The 5K Piggy Pilgrimage Bacon Chase is a bacon-lover’s paradise; as you run, you’ll get unlimited bacon bits thrown in your general direction, and at the finish line, there will be unlimited bacon available for all to enjoy, as well as one free Bloody Mary for runners over 21. Oh yeah, and in case you aren’t hungry enough during the race, the bacon-scented race bib will get your mouth watering. All the proceeds from signups will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

"As far as prizes go," says the event website, "you will be rewarded with bacon at every opportunity. If you need a medal, we can chew one for you out of bacon."

Runners will have the choice of the popular 5K option, or the 0.05k (50-meter) “blitz to the bacon.”

The Bacon Chase is in its first year, and is coming to Chicago this weekend, and Minneapolis on July 19. Rasher races will be popping up in cities all over the country including San Francisco, Houston, Boston, and New York.

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