Beer, Soda Sales Down and More News

Staff Writer
In today's Media Mix, a new ABC restaurant, plus the 'hunger gene'

Beer and diet soda sales are down, a report says.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Diet Cola and Beer: Apparently sales of diet soda and beer are plateauing, as consumers consider the safety of artificial sweeteners and the rising cost of beer. [CBS News]

Obesity Gene: Researchers have discovered that a mutation of the gene KSR2 can cause hunger pangs in obese subjects, which starts a downward spiral of hunger and obesity. [Medical News Today]

France Foie Gras Exports: France exported some 10,000 tons ($1.86 billion worth) of foie gras last year, an all-time high export number. [Quartz]

ABC's New Family Member: Apparently, Jean-Georges Vongerichten is planning a raw, vegan restaurant to add to the ABC family. Vegan food lovers rejoice. [Grub Street]

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