Beer Baths Are a Thing Now, Apparently

A spa in Boca Raton offers a “fountain of youth” treatment, which is basically just bathing in a tub full of beer

We wonder if you can actually taste the (unused) beer used in this treatment.

Well, now we’ve seen everything. Maui Spa in Boca Raton offers a fountain of youth bath made from beer. It’s an $80, 50-minute treatment: part-sauna, part-beer bath that, according to spa owner Gayle Wentworth, “detoxifies and purifies your body. It exfoliates and hydrates your skin. It also makes your hair shiny and silky.”

According to Wentworth, you can’t go wrong with the complete beer package, which includes a face scrub and a body wrap. Beer, she says is good for insomnia, irritability, and for treating acne. The treatment itself, she said, has been around for hundreds of years in Europe, and she is just trying to bring it to America.

But is a beer bath just the “commoner” form of the more-expensive Champagne bath? Many upscale spas and hotels in Europe also offer this luxurious package: to sit and soak in a Champagne bath. Gives a whole new meaning to bubble bath.