Bartenders Worldwide Unite on May 12 for Clean Water Charity

From May 12th until May 18th, bartenders around the world will donate a portion of their tips to the Water to Wine charity
Bartenders Worldwide Unite on May 12 for Clean Water Charity
Gaz Regan photo by Jimi Ferrera

Pictured: Wine to Water founder Doc Hendley and Just One Shift founder gaz regan.

The second annual “Just One Shift” fundraiser returns Monday, May 12th and will last until Saturday, May 18th.

Bartenders all over the world will donate all or a portion of their tips from one bartending shift, to raise money for the Wine to Water charity, which brings clean water to underdeveloped countries.

Earlier this year, the water-to-wine “Miracle Machine” was revealed to be a publicity stunt to help spread public awareness of the charity organization.

Just One Shift’s founder gaz regan (the bartender formerly known as Gary Regan) will kick off the first shift at 7 p.m. on Monday at The Dead Rabbit in New York City. Bartenders can sign up to donate on the Just One Shift website, which will keep a running total of the participating bars across the country.

In 2013, the inaugural Just One Shift fundraiser brought in $40,000 with the help of 327 bartenders in 34 countries.

“Bartenders can change the world and last year’s success has proved it,” said gaz. “If we meet this year’s goal I will shave my head.”

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