Anthony Bourdain Writes His Own List of 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Him (Like How He Prefers Cats to Dogs)

He also has strong feelings about when men should stop wearing earrings and thumb rings

“If it takes you more than 10 seconds to describe the wine I am about to drink, you've kind of ruined it for me.”

In a recent edition of US Weekly Magazine, Anthony Bourdain shared his own list of things you didn’t know about him; 25 things, to be exact.

Although we’ve spent our fair share of time tracking the traveling chef’s movements and Twitter Q&A sessions, this is the first occasion we know of in which Bourdain wrote (or dictated) his own list.

If you have been following Bourdain’s career, television appearances, and lively Twitter, you probably do know a bunch of these tidbits already. For instance, you probably know that Bourdain handles his own Twitter account, would eat only in Japan for the rest of his life if he had to choose one country, and that he doesn’t drink as much these days.


However, we were pleasantly surprised to learn a few new things about Bourdain, like how his ideal vacation includes the services of “an angry Chinese reflexologist,” he’s afraid of “clowns, nurse’s shoes, and pressure cookers,” and he prefers cats to dogs. It’s wishful thinking, really, but hopefully this means we’ll be able to watch a Bourdain-hosted show about cat cafés someday.