Another $200 Beer and More News

In today's Media Mix, the no-reservation fad goes abroad, plus a solar-powered oven

$200 beers might be the new norm.

Check out the headlines you may have missed.

No Reservations at London Restaurants: Looks like long lines for trendy restaurants aren't only in New York anymore; London diners are annoyed about many restaurants' no-reservations policy. [Guardian]

Solar-Powered Oven: A restaurant in Chile is completely solar-powered, where food is cooked only using ovens that utilize solar power. [Oddity Central]

$200 Beers: How did $150 for a beer become normal? Apparently luxury brews are selling for up to $200 a bottle, because people have too much money. [The Australian]

Craft Beer and Pickles: A new restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y., promises to pair pickles with craft beers. Not the same as a pickleback, though. [PSFK]


Ne-Yo Skips Out on Bill: Apparently the R&B artist bounced on a $800 bill at a New York restaurant, although someone in the group vaguely promised that they would pay the bill the next day. [NYDN]