Amazing Taco Bell Hack Delivers the Most Food for Your Money

Your late night Taco Bell run has been changed forever

Think of all the Taco Bell you can eat for $5...

During TechCrunch’s annual Disrupt NY Hackathon, an enterprising web developer named Kunal Batra, created Taco Bell Disrupt, a clever tool that shows you how to order the maximum amount of food (measured by calorie count) for your budget.

Batra told TechCrunch that the idea for the hack came about during an afternoon trip to Taco Bell, fueling up in preparation for the hackathon.

To use Taco Bell Disrupt, simply send an email to — I’ll wait for a moment while you save this email address to your contacts — and enter your budget into the subject line.

Within moments, Taco Bell Disrupt sends you an email that shows you the highest calorie menu combination for your money.

Here’s the menu we got for a budget of $5:

As TechCrunch points out, the simple hack is based on a model that could be usefully applied to other budgets, including optimizing your grocery list, or seeing how many gifts you can afford to buy your family for the holidays.

In the meantime though, we’ll be using Batra’s hack for more Taco Bell.


Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy.