News Report on Stolen Barbecue Chips Busts 'First Time Chip Offenders'

This viral video takes on a simple barbecue chip theft with a straight face

Police seem to be catching chip thieves every day, sometimes following a trail of crumbs of empty bags to the culprit. Sure, AP will report on these stints, but television news? Well, Canadian local news station CTV at Vancouver Island decided it was worth a three-minute spot.

The premise: Two drunk women run across an open garage, see a bag of barbecue chips, grab it, and go. The woman living in the house was awoken by her chihuahua and called the police, and now the chip thieves are facing charges of breaking and enterting.

But really, the chips are what makes the story: Zellers brand barbecue chips. "These are very specific and hard to obtain barbecue chips... I havent' tried these for myself but my understanding is that particular brand of barbecue is quite tasty," Sargeant Dean Jantzen of the Saanich police department said in a press conference. This, all with a straight face.

Watch below as the news report goes on to seriously discuss the crime, with phrases like "too yummy to pass up" and "illicit chip tastings." Jantzen finally cracks when he says the women were "first time chip offenders."


Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.