News Bites 1/29 – 2/5


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Well, Congress finally made a decision, albeit not a good one, but a decision it is nevertheless! After three years of “talks” (read: lobbying and money exchanges) the Senate finally voted 68-32. Amongst the bill’s provisions is the end of billions of dollars of direct subsidy payments to farmers which is to be replaced by a $7 billion crop insurance program that will pay farmers what they need to make up for losses in case of uncontrollable damages like, well, the weather. The bill is also slated to cut $8 billion in food stamps over the next decade resulting in 850,000 (1.7 million people) households that would lose roughly $90 a month in food stamps (this is a a big difference when you’re having trouble choosing between rent and food in the first place). All in all, the new bill is slated to cut $17 billion from the budget in the span of a decade – which isn’t horrible news.

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All the single ladies (or not), listen up because Valentine’s Day is going to be here before you know it and Brucie, an Italian restaurant in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn is offering a Beyonce themed Valentine’s themed dinner menu. The chefs must have woken up in the kitchen saying how the hell did this shit happen, oh baby and then promptly compiled the menu based on a sudden stroke of genius. Whether or not reservations are still available is almost irrelevant because knowing this can exist in this cold, harsh world is comfort enough.

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Laudurée finally opened in Soho after months of anticipation so at last there is an ultra-lavish venue in which we can entertain our fanciest macaron dreams. The new location includes a full service restaurant, outdoor seating, and a tea room. As if a bakery counter wasn’t enough. Apparently it was promised to be “the most beautiful location in the world” and it’s possible it actually is. We’re sure soho-ites are jumping with joy at the prospect at having a reason to wear nice things to eat equally nice things. We’re just excited about the only macarons really worth eating.

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Brought to you by the guy who entertains himself (and us) by pulling pranks on drive-through employees has done it again. He’s convinced legions more of drive through employees that they’ve gone crazy and it’s funny as hell. This time he obtained the names of the employees from receipts his buddy got just before him and recorded himself saying the employee’s names and played them at the window. The reactions are priceless.

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Mission Cantina is going to start selling burritos (take out only). Warning: true to Bowien’s San Franciscan origins there is no rice in these burritos. They are good enough to have their own twitter account, so we presume they must be good.

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