Newgrange Monument

Historic Site, Landmark
Co Meath, Co Meath


  • Newgrange was built 5,000 years ago (about 3,200 B.C.), making it older than Stonehenge in England and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Amazing, vibrant and relevant :))
  • Fascinating if you're into archaeology and history, like me. Claustrophobic people beware of the narrow spaces in the passage tomb.
  • Give yourself approx 3 hrs to visit both Knowth and Newgrange when taking a tour.
  • Es impresionante y las explicaciones son excelentes
  • Definitely a place to visit!
  • Not visiting Newgrange in Ireland is like not visiting the pyramids in Egypt.
  • We went to both Newgrange and Knowth... Really blew my mind. Definitely see both if you can!
  • The 5000 year old Stone Age passage tomb has pipped the Cliffs & Moher & Glendalough as the nations favourite site. A fabulous place to visit & see. A must see!
  • Beware: the employees at the visitor centre are EXTREMELY rude. No love for tourists here! Shame considering it's a tourist site.
  • The ancestors did it right
  • Amazing and very old construction. It worth pay!
  • You can't understand how incredible going inside the tomb is until you go.
  • In sito storico bellissimo , ne rimarrete affascinati!
  • Fantastic. But don't just turn up at the end of the day without calling ahead, checking tour availability, and then hoping it doesn't sell out. Worked for us, but we were lucky!
  • Fantastic..
  • Good tour. Quick and interesting
  • The past is still around! With its mysteries and fascinations ! A place to see full of small wonders!
  • Claustrophobic people - don't worry, only 5 sec to go inside)
  • Some people needed large tombs those days.
  • Just relax and take it all in, there's plenty of time there.