New York's Haven Academy to Open Rooftop Garden with Ellie Krieger on Food Day 2012

For many of these kids, their first cooking lesson will be from a celebrity chef

Artist's rendering of the rooftop garden at Haven Academy

What better way to encourage healthy eating in America than to open an herb and vegetable learning garden? Food Day 2012 is a grassroots movement comprised of thousands of local events throughout the country, each focusing on improving diets and reducing obesity in their area. The rooftop garden will open at Haven Academy this Wednesday, Oct. 24, and not a moment too soon — the school is located in the poorest congressional district in the United States, plagued by obesity and hunger.

Students will join celebrity chef Ellie Krieger (of Food Network’s Healthy Eating) for a cooking lesson on food, flavor, and taste. She will focus on the benefits of whole grains, healthy oils, and how to use herbs and citrus instead of salt to enhance flavors. In addition, the kids participating in the demo will learn to create their own healthy salad recipe, featuring three grains, three beans, and plenty of colorful vegetables.