New York Senator Calls for Cruise Travelers' Bill of Rights

After last month's Carnival cruise disaster, one senator wants to create a bill of rights

Last month's horrific Carnival Cruise meltdown may make you never want to go on a cruise again, even if Paula Deen's name is tagged on with Morimoto's (it hasn't happened, but it might?), but a certain senator has got you covered.

Senator Charles Schumer is calling for a passenger's bill of rights in the cruise industry, to guarantee anyone spending money and time that they won't get stuck out at sea sans power, or if they do, there's a proper way to get a refund or compensation.

According to CBS, Schumer wants to give passengers six guarantees, where all ships would provide sanitary conditions, backup power, a medical staff on board for emergencies, and the right to a full refund.

"It can be scary to watch the shore drift away as you’re hundreds of miles out to sea. But to be out at sea without access to a doctor, electricity, toilet facilities, that’s unconscionable," Schumer reportedly said. "If we can get this passenger bill of rights done, passengers can breathe a sigh of relief that they know that the trip will be safe and if, God forbid, there’s emergencies, that they will be taken care of in the right way."

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The bill of rights would then allow passengers to obtain refunds if any mechanical, electrical, or plumbing issues occur. Unfortunately, it probably won't cover horrific cruise food, but that norovirus outbreak last week? Most definitely.