New York Pizza (and Drinks!) Come's To Atlanta

Staff Writer
New Timeone's restaurant opened this week in Atlanta to give people real New York pizza and drink menu.

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0


New Atlanta pizza joint, Timone’s, opened this week and has a surprisingly awesome drink menu. Ron Eyester’s new restaurant is open for dinner daily and weekends for lunch. It’s located near Ron Eyester’s other restaurant – Family Dog – on the same stretch of North Highland.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is to have a distinct energy. The bar is right when you walk in, and the kitchen is completely open which gives customers the whole pizza dough in the air experience. The pizza and restaurant both have a “New York” vibe.

The bar is minimalistic and clean with both beer and wine on draft. There is also old-fashioned soda and house-made sodas. The menu has drinks like grapefruit spritzers. Venetian spritz’s, old-school egg creams, Mexican Coke, and even a wide arrange of coffees to enjoy with house gelato and biscotti.

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The photography on the walls is from New York streets and restaurants, and most light fixtures are all handmade by the owner, except the Tiffany chandelier- that’s from Eyester’s childhood home on Long Island.