New York Hilton Hotel Launches New Restaurant Concept

The totally redesigned dining area Herb N' Kitchen aims to combine freshly prepared foods and locally sourced pre-packed snacks
Hilton Hotels

All of the menu items in Hilton’s new restaurant area Herb N' Kitchen' are made in-house and can be prepared to order.

Now open inside the New York Hilton Midtown hotel, the new Herb N' Kitchen offers a renewed dining concept "that infuses fresh, local gourmet food into an upscale restaurant and convenient culinary market," according to Hilton’s recent press release.

The new concept came to life after carefully done research about what travelers and hotel guests are looking for in a hotel experience, according to a representative for Hilton. According to a recent report by food industry research group Technomic, 85 percent of casual dining consumers visit fast-casual dining outlets once a month or more, and one-third say they order from an optional "healthy menu" more often than they did a year ago. Herb N’ Kitchen is aiming to please hotel guests with their many different dining options, from ordering fresh food prepared in-house in front of their eyes to buying snacks from small local businesses to take with them on the go. The restaurant is divided into five "zones," each specializing in a different area of the dining experience: Arrival, Barista, Oven, Buffet, and Dining Room.

"With casual dining on the rise, our guests can enjoy quick, healthy, and gourmet food options at value-driven prices," Beth Scott, vice president of global product development and food and beverage of Hilton Worldwide, said in the release. "Herb N' Kitchen provides a fresh, approachable and gourmet concept that engages guests by offering five integrated zones for the ultimate in customization."

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Though there has been plenty of coverage about Hilton Midtown’s discontinuing room service, Hilton Hotel’s representative confirms that room service is still available during select times. With the new Herb N' Kitchen, hotel guests can order any food from the restaurant — from freshly baked flatbread to a bag of locally sourced beef jerky — straight to their room, or left outside the door for more privacy. There is no fee for the room service delivery, only a minimum order of $15.