New York’s Gin Palace Is Sinking Into the Ground

Gin Palace is closing because it’s sinking into the ground

Gin Palace is temporarily closing because its building is sinking.

New York bar owners and restaurateurs have a lot to contend with, like high rents, pests, fickle customers, and the chance that their bar might just sink into the ground.

According to Gothamist, Gin Palace, the cool East Village bar that specializes in gin cocktails and has a great gin and tonic on tap, is closing this week because the building it is in is literally sinking into the ground.

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Owner Ravi DeRossi says the building is actually descending into the bowels of the Earth, but it’s not actually as big of a problem as it sounds. DeRossi says the building is going to be renovated to lift it back up and reinforce it so it will stay where it’s supposed to be. During renovations the other restaurants in the building will stay open, but Gin Palace unfortunately will have to be “torn apart” during the process, so it will be closing on November 6. Once the building is safely where it’s supposed to be, DeRossi says Gin Palace will reopen.