New Tipsy Texan Cocktail Book

Author David Alan has published a book all about cocktails from the Lone Star State

A new cookbook has been published celebrating cocktails from the Lone Star State, Houston Culturemap reports. The book is called Tipsy Texan: Spirits and Cocktails from the Lone Star State. The book by David Alan, known as the Tipsy Texan, writes about cocktail history, locally inspired recipes, and vignettes of Texas spirits pioneers.

The book describes the flavors of southern and southwestern cuisine as well as the local cocktail culture. Alan discusses the vibe of Texas bars, which he refers to as a “yee-haw spirit.” He argues that a good cocktail bar is about diversity and in-season ingredients, which people need to embrace.

Alan started his career with cocktails with his blog, the Tipsy Texan. He then started a cocktail education program, Tipsy Tech, along with Lara Nixon. The book deal is a result of a chance meeting with a publish that arose when Alan was attending a bar event.


The book aims to be a staple for home bars. In addition to cocktail recipes, the book is filled with technical information about everything from tools to garnishes. The recipes range from classics to Alan’s own recipes.