New Sherry Bar in Washington D.C.

Husband and wife team Derek Brown and Chantal Tseng have opened new D.C. sherry and ham bar called Mockingbird Hill.

The menu includes 54 different kinds of sherry, four types of cured ham, and a variety of other snacks and cocktails.

D.C. is now home to the first ever sherry and ham bar, Mockingbird Hill.

Mockingbird Hill, which opened on June 7th, is the project of acclaimed bartender Derek Brown and his wife Chantal Tseng, who are major proponents of sherry, and hope that through their new bar, they’ll be able to spread the love for this somewhat controversial drink.

“We’re facing two barriers.” Brown told the Washington Post. “There’s the perception that it’s sweet, when 90 percent of sherry is dry. Number two, the idea that it’s something that your grandmother drank. They drank cream sherry or sweet sherry. This is totally different.”

With a total of 54 kinds of sherry on the menu, as well as a smaller menu of snacks, including four types of cured ham. Brown and Tseng hope to create a similar ambiance to the ones they felt at bars in Spain.

In addition to serving sherry and ham, Brown will also teach free classes about each item on Tuesday and Wednesday nights respectively.


Mockingbird Hill isn’t the first bar in the country to promote sherry on the menu, but Brown and Tseng will be the ones to expose the people of D.C to the complexity and uniqueness of this drink, which Brown says “is like a cocktail on its own.”