New Romney Shocker: 'I Like Chittlins and Menudo'

When you're going for the top, you'll eat anything

Mitt Romney

In his latest bid to prove that he's just plain folks, the embattled Republican presidential candidate has reached out to more minority palates with his avowed affection for hog intestines and stewed tripe.

"Romney's people parlayed his whole 'I like grits' strategy into a victory in Illinois," according to The Daily Beast, "so it was only natural that they'd go after Connecticut with chittlins, and of course Nebraska with menudo."

It is unclear where Romney encountered these two ethnic specialties — one associated with the African-American community, the other with Mexican-Americans — which sometimes prove daunting to Michigan-born Mormon fat cats, but the exquisitely coiffed politician did tell reporters last week that "We love Mexicans. My wife owns two of them."