New Patent Reduces Salt Levels But Keeps Flavor

Taste the same salty flavor with less of a health risk

Need a little less salt in your life? You’re in luck. A U.S. patent for a technology designed to reduce salt levels was granted, according to Food Manufacture. And no, it’s not a substitute.

The new patent Soda-Lo is designed to reduce salt levels by 25 to 50 percent while still keeping that salty taste we love. It works by turning salt crystals into crystalline microspheres that are smaller and contain less sodium than regular salt. Since Soda-Lo is created from real salt, you’ll get none of those unpleasant flavors that can result from salt substitutes. It’s the same salty taste for less!


Soda-Lo is owned by Eminate and licensed by Tate & Lyle. The technology is still waiting for patent approval in other countries.