New Paris Law Allows Toilets in Kitchens

Toilets in the kitchen will soon be legal in Paris

A new Paris law allows toilets to be built in kitchens.

No more will the cooks of Paris have to worry about a pot boiling over while they heed the call of nature, because that city has passed a new law allowing toilets in the kitchen.

The kitchen might not be a traditional place for a toilet, but Paris residents looking for the ultimate in kitchen convenience will be able to install them soon, because according to The Local,  government ministers passed a new law on November 6 that will allow bathrooms to be installed in kitchens and living rooms as of December 1. Before the decree, building code regulations prohibited bathrooms from being built with direct access to kitchens and living rooms.


As The Local points out, the new law will likely benefit landlords “tireless in their quest to redefine the acceptable size of an apartment,” and people building properties on a budget. It also seems likely to benefit anybody looking to squeeze one more bathroom into a property, provided that person is not too squeamish about the prospect of storing the toilet that close to where he or she cooks food.