The Eat Local Challenge is Back!

The Eat Local Challenge in New Orleans returns for the third time

Local produce offered in New Orleans.

The third annual New Orleans Eat Local Challenge will be going on until the end of June, Gambit reports. According to its website, NOLA Locavores, an organization dedicated to promoting the health, economic, environmental, and cultural benefits of a locally sourced diet, will be hosting this month-long event.

Registrants who participate in this event are asked to spend thirty days eating food produced within a 200-mile radius of New Orleans. The challenge has four levels of strictness that attendees can choose, based on how much they want to commit to a local food diet.

For a $25 fee, participants can attend events such as a winemaking workshop with Brewstock, the Community Gardens Bike Tour, a gelato making class with La Divina, and more. Notable perks also include discounts on local produce and meat, an invitation to the 2nd Annual NOLA Scavenger Hunt, and a spot for the Kick Off Party and Finale Party. Restaurants involved in this challenge will offer dishes featuring local ingredients.

Frank Fekete, the owner of Frank Fekete Farms, told The Daily Meal that he will be participating in the local food markets. He expects bell peppers and heirloom tomatoes to be popular among buyers during the challenge.

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Through this event, the emphasis on local food continues.