New Microwave Makes Perfect Popcorn by Listening

New Whirlpool microwave has sound sensor that can “listen” to food cooking, and make perfect popcorn, among other things

Make fluffy, perfect popcorn like this with the new Whirlpool microwave.

Hate half-bags full of unpopped kernels, or scorched corn? Well, that supposedly won’t happen anymore with the new Whirlpool Microwave with Time Savor technology which claims to make the perfect popcorn just by listening. The microwave uses sensory technology to track food cooking, and knows exactly when a dish is perfectly heated up, so you won’t have to go through trial and error.

Its “accupop” technology can help the microwave adjust just by listening to and counting the time, between kernel pops.  So that means less time micro-managing the popcorn, and more time actually watching your favorite movie. When it gets to four seconds in between pops, by the way, that’s the perfect time to remove your popcorn.


Oh, and of course this microwave model comes with other technological innovations like a vegetable steamer, but we are most excited about the accupop technology. But perfect popcorn certainly costs a bundle: you can buy this popcorn maker, er microwave, online for a whopping $569.