New Los Angeles Mayor Sets Food Policy Goals

Mayor Eric Garcetti plans to promote healthy eating

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti, the new mayor of Los Angeles, shared his plan to improve food policies a few days prior to his election. In a Los Angeles Food Policy Questionnaire, he stated that “while Los Angeles has the unfortunate distinction of being the epicenter of hunger, we also have an opportunity to be a leader in eradicating it.”

Garcetti’s plans include continuing the FamilySource Center system, which offers social services to low-income residents in the L.A. community. Another goal is to promote and increase enrollment in the CalFresh Program, which provides food stamps. He hopes to encourage low-income families to shop at local farmers markets through the program.

The mayor, who was elected today, also intends to develop urban agriculture in spaces such as corridors and parkways, improve working conditions and health benefits of food workers, and increase the number of street vendors to foster healthy eating habits.


Time will tell how much Garcetti’s food policy will actually boost the nutritional health of the L.A. community, but it certainly looks like his heart is in the right place.