A New Look for BurgerBusiness.com

A New Look for BurgerBusiness.com
From burgerbusiness.com, by admin

BurgerBusiness RedesignBurgerBusiness.com will look different and—I hope you’ll agree—better beginning Aug. 28, 2015. The site is six years old now and has been in need of a redesign not just to appease Google’s preference for mobile-ready sites but also to feed my need for new things digital to learn. Bear with me as I get comfortable piloting the new site.

The latest news still will be front and center, of course. BurgerBusiness.com is a news site. But it will be easier for those interested in the Killer Burger Recipes page to find it. And you’ll see tabs bringing up recent Burger of the Month, The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers, research posts and other frequently searched for topics. Tabs linking to the New Menu Item Archive, Top Burger Menu and About pages will be on the top nav bar as currently. Subscribers will receive new posts by email as they do now.

When I created this site in 2009, I said its primary function was to be “a gathering place for news, data, opinions and insights about burgers, restaurants that serve burgers and the people who own and work in those restaurants.” That hasn’t changed: I still love burgers and burger restaurants.

Scott Hume

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