New iPhone app made for urban foodies

New iPhone app made for urban foodies

"Which coffee shop makes the best cappucino in Seattle?"

It's a simple question, and it'll definetly bring an answer if you ask it to any Seattle foodie. But what if you tried to answer that question just using apps like Yelp, Foodspotting, and Urban Spoon? How confident would you be in their suggestion?

Foxtrot is a new iPhone app that makes it really easy to discover and share the best places to eat and drink in your city. Foxtrot's solution for finding the best cappucino in Seattle is to just get people to answer the question. Foxtrot is built around 'best of' lists that people create for different categories in their city. Things like, "Best Italian", "Best cocktail bars", "Best burgers". The app compares local businesses against each other, so it's clear where to go. 

The app is free and available at or in the App Store.