New Haven Green

Row 1

Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Foursquare Tips

  • According to the Yale tour, the original cemetery was here. When they relocated, they left the bodies underground and just moved the headstones. Good to know in advance of the zombie apocalypse!
  • During huricane Sandy human bones were found under a 100 year old tree that fell over.
  • Drug dealers hibernate here and walk like zombies at night.
  • stay as far away from the green as u can. A lot of drug dealing raped and kidnapping goes on down there not to mention ten thousand dead bodies under ur feet. Uhhhh sends goosebumps up my spine
  • It may be hard to believe, but buried just below your feet are the remains of an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 people. Visit the crypt under Center Church on the Green to see the graves!
  • If you haven't been to the ancient underground Crypt, located underneath the Center Church here and often open on Sundays, you haven't been to #NHV.
  • Privately owned! Thanks for letting us use your yard :)
  • Stroll through the green, but be cautious at night. It can get pretty rough at night. On Sundays all the bells from the churches ring and it's beautiful!
  • Founded in 1638, this is one of the oldest public squares in the United States. It is the central square of the nation's first planned city.
  • One of the oldest and greatest public squares in North America.
  • 5 to 10K bodies are still buried in the green
  • Good place to chill in sunny day, but be careful at night...
  • If you ever wonder where all the bums hang out in the city haha well buddy you found it!
  • Grab a coffee from Starbucks and people watch for a while.
  • Look out for skeletons !! Happy Halloween in the Have'!
  • Critical Mass bike ride leaves from here on the last Friday of every month, 5:30PM at the flagpole.
  • Lots of history
  • The original square.
  • A great place to hangout on your lunch break
  • Some people might talk to you when you walk or pay for park be careful.