A New Generation of Talent: London Fashion House Karen Millen Features Fresh Faces


Born as a result of the creative collaboration between designers, models, photographers and beauty artists, Karen Millen's brand new Fall/Winter 2014 campaign is a stunning vision of fashion in its purest form. Gone are the boudoirs and dark angular scenery with models posing half naked, leaving you to wonder what the ad is truly for. Models are front and center on an empty background allowing the beauty and clothes to be the first and only thing you see. Using four up-and-coming models that have yet to be received on a global scale, Millen's pieces stand out, bringing our attention to the intricacies of the garments and making us scour the website for our own red, check-print dress.
A modern blend of rock and femininity, Karen Millen's collection focuses on textures and fabrics, blending the two to create a youthful take on fashion. Combining buttery leathers and tailored tweeds into winter coats and lace and knit into jackets, keeps these pieces far from the demure elegance we expect from a London fashion house. While the details of mixed textiles are appeasing to the eye at first glance, it's the sharp tailoring that mimics the female form which makes the clothes so beautiful. The impact of the multi-dimensional pieces are contrasted on the fresh-faced models and empty background and brings life to each design in a way that would be lost in a room filled with trees and owls.
Photographed by David Bailey, who has shot such famous celebrities as Mick Jagger, Cara Delevigne and The Beatles, the images are beautifully simplistic, bringing out visual purity of both the model and design. Shooting the never-before-seen faces of Karlina Caune, Kirsi Pyhonen, Nur Hellmann and Grace Gao, Millen hopes to provide them with a new platform to which to propel their career. Supporting innovators, artistry and new talent, Karen Millen is hoping to reach out to a new generation of youth through not only her designs, but through nurturing fashion's future artists.