New Garden's, A pleasant surprise!


It's Sunday afternoon, time to get out for a while and take a look at the latest of New Garden's Pancakes and Grill in Bridgwater, NJ.

We were greeted as we entered the restaurant by the owner and offered a choice of seating arrangement, either booth or table. We opted for the booth and were promptly on our way ready to look into the newly designed menu.

The ambience within the restaurant was brighter, friendlier, although remaining similar in its layout to the previous.

Within minutes, someone was at our booth ready to serve us the culinary treats of our liking.
The pleasant responsiveness and attention to detail provided, was like a breath of fresh air and depicted a new face in the walls of a familiar establishment.

Soup and Salad were right on time, the ingredients fresh and light on the palate. Soon after, entree's were served, portions commensurate to our appetite yet not overwhelming in size.

My T-Bone steak was charred to perfection meeting even the most critical of demands in tenderness and flavor.
The Filet Mignon Tips were of equal caliber and in quantity more than sufficient. Sides such as vegetables, and choice of potatoes were offered and served with each meal.

After dinner, we tried the dessert's and to my surprise I was even offered a Sugarless Cheese Cake to go with my American Coffee.

Props to the Management for creating a new friendly atmosphere along with a simple and not over crowded menu as well as taking the customer requests into consideration with a smile and providing a culinary experience that surely will be talked about within the community.