Don’t Waffle About These 9 New Food Emoji

Butter, a melting ice cube and tasty waffle are among the new tasty text options

Ever want to text a friend and express just how much you (or they) are waffling over a certain decision? Or show them that someone is as cold as ice? Or hint that you’re trying to butter them up? Nine new food and drink emoji coming to our phones in 2019 offer all kinds of tasty choices.

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On Tuesday, the Unicode Consortium released images of the new emoji coming this year to phones near you. Non-food and drink emoji include a drop of blood, ballet slipper, wheelchairs, a skunk, service dogs, and many more. But we’re going to focus in on the eats and drinks. Let’s gobble them up one at a time, shall we?

Ice cube

Whether you need to show how cold a certain reaction was or just have a love for Ice Cube or Vanilla Ice, you can stop, collaborate and listen with this one.

Beverage box

Everyone we know is going to call it a juice box, but it can spark some fun nostalgic, or childish text threads.

Maté drink

Maté is a caffeinated beverage popular in many South American countries. People who love it, really love it, so welcome to the emoji club.


Hope you've had this before, but if not, the dictionary defines it as, “a spicy mixture of ground vegetables (such as chickpeas or fava beans) formed into balls or patties and then fried.” We define it as, “yum!”


I’ll stop the world and melt with you.


Vampires, back off, unless you’re a really dim bulb.


Some of us love them, others hate them, but an onion makes for one sharp emoji.


This one might have a tendency to look gloppy and terrible except that the designers saved it by adding a glittering pearl.


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And according to our informal poll of social-media buzz, the favorite new emoji of many texters out here is the new, golden-brown waffle, sporting a center pat of butter. Is it an Eggo brand waffle? Because if so, somebody had better alert Eleven from “Stranger Things.” If you, like Eleven, could eat waffles at any time of day, check out these 35 breakfast for dinner recipes.