New Documentary Features Regenerative Farming Practices at Polyface Farm

From by Lani Furbank
New Documentary Features Regenerative Farming Practices at Polyface Farm

The Australian-based nonprofit Regrarians recently released a documentary about Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm, titled "Polyfaces." The film showcases the unique and sustainable farming style pioneered by the Salatin family in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It examines how these holistic practices regenerate landscapes, communities, local economies, human health, and soil.

Regrarians works with farmers, communities, and government organizations internationally to teach and implement regenerative agriculture.

The film was produced over four years by Lisa Heenan, Isabella Doherty, and Darren Doherty, a family from Australia who was inspired by Polyface Farm and wanted to share the farm’s work with the world.

Polyfaces premiered in New York and Los Angeles earlier this year and qualified for the Academy Awards. It also won several awards, including Best Documentary at the Silver Springs International Film Festival in Florida, the Minister of Agriculture Award at the Life Sciences Film Festival in Prague, a Gold Remi at the WorldFest Film Festival in Houston, and the Festival Spirit Award at Weyauwega International Film Festival in Wisconsin.

The film received praise from respected authors and film-makers, including journalist Michael Pollan. He said, “I have no doubt that your film will fill young people with optimism and stoke their desire to farm. I can’t imagine watching it as a 20-year-old and not deciding this is what I want to do!”

It is currently available online via streaming or DVD order. There are also various community screenings happening around the world.   

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