New Cookbook Puts Southern Stamp on Casserole Dishes

A new collection of Southern-inspired casseroles
Southern Casseroles
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Former Food Editor for Southern Living offers up mouthwatering casserole recipes for every occasion.

Denise Gee’s new cookbook brings a wealth of soulful Southern casserole recipes to your dinner table. The author of three Southern-inspired cookbooks, Gee offers up simple and delicious casserole recipes as well as useful tips for storing and preparing food so that you can make the most out of every meal. Gee designed Southern Casseroles with the intention of making it a go-to for any Southern home-chef to make great casseroles.[related]

“Seasoned with good storytelling and contemporary flavor,” writes Gee, “this casserole cookbook is intended to be THE source for the best Southern Casseroles.”

Southern Casseroles goes a long way in attempting to achieve this goal, providing casserole recipes that stretch over a wide range of traditional Southern cooking styles. Dishes such as this Spicy Shrimp & Cheese Grits Recipe and this Baked Spaghetti Recipe bear the hallmarks of iconic Southern dishes, while this Lil Tamale Pies Recipe is a unique Tex-Mex influenced variation on traditional casserole recipes.

Gee’s cookbook also provides an excellent starting point to experiment with your own casserole inventions.

“The main thing to know” writes Gee, “is that making casseroles is like jazz: Learn the notes, then improvise, honey.”