New Comedy Showcases McDonald's, Raunchy Meat Song

The upcoming premiere of 'The Crazy Ones' shows ad executives hoping to win McDonald's back

Is this Mad Men meets McDonald's? A new fall TV show starring Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Geller, and Kelly Clarkson tells the story of a father-daughter ad team who is fighting to keep their biggest client, McDonald's. "It looks like someone had an unhappy meal," Williams says in the teaser, right before they are about to get fired.

The team brings in Kelly Clarkson who, in the show, wants to revamp her image and sing a song about sex (heard a little in the previews below). Even though the resulting McDonald's song that Clarkson sings is a bit raunchy for families, Ad Age reports that McDonald's agreed to the show because "because the brand was portrayed in line with its values and commitment to its customers in a fun and interesting way," said Marlena Peleo-Lazar, McDonald's chief creative officer.

Watch the previews below to see what Clarkson sings about; the show debuts this fall on CBS, Thursdays at 9 p.m.