New, Cheaper Steaks Are all the Rage

First the Vegas cut, and now steak houses are rolling out affordable cuts for the masses

Just as Pat LaFrieda was suggesting that cheaper cuts of beef are the next big thing, the Wall Street Journal reports that steak houses are rolling out more affordable steaks.

First there was the new Vegas Strip, and now LongHorn Steakhouse has added a six-ounce sirloin for $12, and a flat-iron steak for $13. Then there's the coulotte, a cut from the top sirlon that is good for grilling and less expensive.

Of course, there are also marketing firms coming up with fancy names for these cuts, and chefs switching over to nose-to-tail cooking methods, meaning new parts of beef will be cooked, grilled, sold, and bought.

"To entice consumers to stick with beef in the face of high prices, the beef industry is marketing 'steakable' cuts," the Wall Street Journal says. We hate to say we told you so, but we did.