New Applebee's video aims to bring back the lunch break


Applebee's posted a new video Thursday on its YouTube Channel that parodies the infomercial format and urges overworked consumers to reclaim their lunch breaks. The video, called "Lunch Decoy," suggests that viewers buy an inflatable doll to use as a body double while they slip out of the office for lunch.

The video (watch it at left) describes the decoy as "your inflatable ticket to the lunch you deserve."

The "deserved" lunch that Applebee's is promoting with the new video is the Pick 'n Pair Lunch. The lunch special is available Monday through Saturday until 3 p.m. and allows diners to combine two options from a special menu that includes soups, salads, sandwiches and pasta, for a fixed price that varies per location.

The chain has also created a website that features the video and the Pick 'n Pair Lunch, as well as a link to purchase one of six versions of the Inflatable Lunch Decoy on Amazon for $6.99.

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