New App Connects You with a 'Local Drunk'

'Local Drunk' app fixes you up with a similar-minded bar buddy to hit the town

A demo shows how the app Local Drunk works (thanks to Kanye West).

Imagine the scenario: you're new to a city, whether visiting or just moving in, and want to grab a drink. Slight problem: you're unsure where to go, and know no one in town with whom to share a round. Problem solved: there's now an app for that, connecting you with your town's "local drunk." 

Flattering name aside, the Local Drunk app works like this: you create a profile using Facebook and submit a place to go and price that you're willing to spend. (The caveat? The "guest" is the one buying the drinks, so get ready for pay for two drinkers.) The app then suggests "local drunks" with similar interests, and sends a Facebook-like request so you two can chat and figure out where to go. More bonuses on the app? You can also upload pics and check-ins, so that you're able to remember a bit more of the night (if your local drunk is a little too good at drinking). 

The app, which was presented at the Hackathon: Disrupt 2012 SF, is still in development; but the creators say they will submit it to the App Store soon. Until then, you'll have to tough out the bar scene on your own.