Neil Patrick Harris Dreams of Puppets in a Restaurant

In his latest 'Neil's Puppets Dreams,' he realizes just how hard it is to be a server

Our love for Neil Patrick Harris is never-ending, especially with his cheeky, slightly naughty Neil's Puppet Dreams, where he falls asleep and dreams of, well, the world in puppets.

The third episode brings Neil Patrick Harris to a restaurant, where he tries to make a joke with a hasty server about a fly in his borscht. Naturally, the waiter gets a bit annoyed, but then Harris promptly falls asleep as he often does, and wakes up as a waiter in puppet world.

There's a bit about "eating beaver" and how Harris is allergic, a customer ordering a club (but not getting the sandwich type), something about a wife not ordering crabs and somebody wanting mustard for his hot dog, and a rodent health inspector. So of course, Harris wakes up and immediately tips the waiter. Some of the jokes are a bit adult, but footage should be safe for work. Watch the shenanigans below.