Neighborhoods With The Top Holiday Lights In Las Vegas

Neighborhoods With The Top Holiday Lights In Las Vegas

There are people who throw a few decorations on their patio and consider that to be complete while others go the whole nine yards (and then some). These are the neighbors whose yards cry “Christmas!” with a light display, and you can count on them year after year to provide friends, family and passersby with a holiday spectacle worth returning to as part of your holiday tradition. This is the art of displaying holiday lights and more with a flair, one that calls you to pile the kids into the car and visit different parts of the Valley just to take in the spirit of the season.

This list is courtesy of a local company, Lindstrom Group, and our Review Journal. Please check to see if these are still ongoing. There is no active list for the 2014 holiday season yet. If you are looking for a neighborhood that pulls out all the stops to display pride in their community and whose displays rival those of the Griswolds, consider visiting the 1700 block of Quiver Point Avenue. Here, in years past, cartoon and Disney-themed light displays set to music have held a place. It will be fun to see what this year brings!

Here are some of the most likely annual spots to find your favorites, by area:


Address: 3164 Mclennan Ave., North Las Vegas, 89081
Description: Perfectly straight house lights and multiple yard decorations with music.

Address: 1343 Villa Park Court, Las Vegas, 89110
Description: This display features approximately 10,000 lights that are synchronized to music, which can be heard on station 106.1 FM. A variety of song/light shows are programmed for your enjoyment.

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Address: 8117 Chestnut Hollow Ave., Las Vegas, 89131
Description: Lights galore glimmer and flash as the entire house is decorated from top to bottom. You will see various lawn ornaments, blow ups, reindeer and don’t forget Santa!

Address: 6759 Rowena Circle, Las Vegas, 89131
Description: Last year’s theme was Peanuts visit the North Pole.

Address: 6601 Brandywine Way, Las Vegas
Description: At this home, a dedicated dad decorates his yard with passion and commitment each year. At 80 years of age, he does it all himself, climbing to the roof and covering every space with the spirit of Christmas. From the rooftop to the front yard, you will see what the love of the season can offer.

Address: 6313 Bristol Way, Las Vegas, 89107
Description: Happy Birthday Jesus! This display celebrates the traditional spirit of Christmas: the nativity, in all its glory. In this age of commercialism, this home is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Address: 4205 Via Vaquero Ave., Las Vegas 89102
Description: Christmas music plays as over 25,000 lights, dancing characters and more celebrate the joy of the season.


Address: 4205 Via Vaquero Ave., Las Vegas 89102
Description: This yard has, quite literally, every symbol of the holidays that you could image. There is a huge Christmas tree, a Nativity scene, Santa and his reindeer, Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel airplane, animated polar bears, penguins, animated pink flamingos, a carousel and a variety of plastic holiday-themed figures. Enjoy all of this with sound-activated flashing lights with Christmas carols playing through outside speakers. Santa has been known to turn up on Christmas Eve to give out candy canes. With hundreds of lights, it’s literally a blaze of glory.

Address: 2757 Grande Valley, Las Vegas, 89135
Description: And now for something completely different: a “Star Trek”-themed holiday display, with Kirk and Spock dressed like elves and dueling with candy canes. Join the family for a goblet of Romulan ale (as they put it) and “boldly go where no man has gone before!.”

Address: 10878 Milbank Ave, Las Vegas, 89135
Description: This home is fully decorated from top to bottom with flashing LED lights set to music and 16 mini trees in the front yard. You can hear the music on your car radio, at 103.9 FM, and enjoy the display from the comfort of your vehicle.

Address: 346 Maddalena, Las Vegas, 89183
Description: At this home, teenager Ryan Knepp uses every penny he makes to buy blow-up decorations, lights and Christmas displays. It’s his love of Christmas and decorating that keeps him motivated to keep going. It’s good to see a youth carrying on a tradition throughout another generation. Please show some respect and appreciation as you enjoy this display.

Address: 3308 Surfline Dr., Las Vegas 89117
Description: This yard features lit, animated deer, lights, holiday music, Christmas trees and extra decorations each year.


Address: 3018 Scenic Valley Way, Henderson, 89052
Description: This home features some different approaches to Christmas, with the obligatory holiday lights plus a nativity scene and snow globe, but also angels and an inflatable airplane on the roof! Santa has been known to make an appearance on Sundays.

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