Neighborhoods With The Top Holiday Lights In Denver

Neighborhoods With The Top Holiday Lights In Denver

RoofThis house at West Harper Street and North Via Appia in Louisville is all decked out for the holidays this year. (credit: CBS)

Once all of the Thanksgiving dust has settled, the Christmas season is truly here, despite the fact that most stores trot out their holiday decorations in mid-September. It’s December that really brings out the best in all of the holiday décor, however, so take some time to drive around Denver to see all of the incredible light displays. There are several homes and neighborhoods to visit and they all change things up every year. Bring the kids, a camera and a thermos full of hot chocolate and set out for an evening of totally free holiday entertainment.

Harvard Lane and Dahlia Street
Denver, CO 80222

Every year this neighborhood gets in on the holiday action and it’s always worth a drive to see the colorful lights. There is one house that really takes it to the next level with lots of dolls riding a huge Ferris wheel, lots of birds and peacocks and a fairy tale-inspired world of whimsical lights. And, of course, there is a beautiful sleigh and reindeer watching over everything. Bring your camera and check out this vibrant display near Harvard Lane and Dahlia Street in Denver. It’s a sight you won’t soon forget.

8th Avenue and Franklin Street
Denver, CO 80218

The Cheesman Park neighborhood is usually very lit up for the holidays, so make sure to drive through this Denver area once night falls. Make sure to check out the retro-holiday house, as you won’t be able to miss it. It’s filled with so many LED color-changing lights that you could stand there for hours just watching all of the twinkling lights change colors. There is also a huge selection of plastic holiday light-up decorations from the 1950s through today, so it’s almost like a trip back in time. You can also find a full five-foot Santa with 10 carolers and so much more. If you love your holiday lights big, then this is one place that must be on your list.

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Windsor Gardens
Alameda Ave. and Dayton St.
Denver, CO 80247

This adult community is huge and every year the buildings have a holiday decorating contest. Drive through the Windsor Gardens neighborhood slowly, as you won’t want to miss all of the colorful lights on the different buildings. Arrive a bit closer to the big day to see signs out front showcasing winners. The neighborhood is also a great walk, so if the evening isn’t too cold, park and walk around the circle, which is about a mile long, to enjoy the lights up close. Just about every building in this neighborhood participates, so it’s always worth visiting.

S. Dexter Way and S. Fairfax Way
Centennial, CO 80121

Check out the Centennial area for this huge holiday light extravaganza. There are several houses that go all-out here, including one that synchronizes it all to music. In fact, 15,000 lights are used on this home, which is running with music until about 10 p.m. every night. Huge eight-foot snowmen, lots of reindeer, Santa and his sleigh and so much more fill every inch of this beautiful home in South Denver. This home has also been known to offer live music the week before the holiday, so be sure to check back often to catch it all.

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W. Dakota Ave and S. Cole Court
Lakewood, CO 80228

If you love to visit houses that have their lights set to music, this is one neighborhood you’ll want to visit. There is one house in particular that takes it to the next level with 25,000 lights on 192 channels all set to different Christmas music. You can simply tune your car radio to 97.7 FM and you’ll hear the music as it’s set to the lights. There is even a 20-foot tree filled with 5,000 lights, angels, gingerbread and more. You can catch some videos of last year’s display on YouTube so you know just how impressive this house truly is.

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