Need Hurricane Sandy Supplies?

A list of convenience and grocery stores that are open in the face of Hurricane Sandy

We all know the drill — tape up windows, charge all electronic equipment, gather flashlights and candles, and, of course, stockpile water and nonperishable foods. Being prepared for this Frankenstorm is important, and The Daily Meal wants to help.

Check out the status of common stores in New York City if you find yourself in need of extra batteries or a few more bottles of water:

- All Duane Reade stores are open except for locations on Avenue of the Americas, Long Island City, and Far Rockaway

- All D’Agostino locations are closed

- All Trader Joe’s are closed

- All Gristedes stores are closed except for the following locations:

Broadway and 96th, Broadway and 103rd, Broadway and 170th

Columbus and 84th, Sheridan Square and 4th

9th and 24th, 8th and 26th, 3rd and 78th, 3rd and 32nd, 2nd and 40th, 2nd and 29th, 1st and 20th

Long story short: Bet on Gristedes and Duane Reade — don’t bother going to D’Ag or Trader Joe’s.

The information presented in this article is current as of Monday, October 29, at 4 pm ET.

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Marilyn He is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @Marilyn_He.