Ethiopian, African
969 Bloor St W (at Dovercourt Rd)
Toronto, ON M6H 1L7
(416) 535-0797


  • I'm going to reinforce the Vegetarian platter- well worth the wait! I can't think of another place in the city where two people can walk away stuffed and slightly buzzed for $20.
  • Food is excellent and very reasonable. Don't expect first class anything and its always busy so be prepared to wait. Be nice to the servers and they'll be nice to you..
  • Tip: get some beer. Only here will you find usually "premium" beers like Guinness and Alexander Keith's at a cheaper price than Labatt Blue. Two can dine and have a beer for under $20 including tip.
  • Vegetarian plate all the way!
  • I've never had better ethiopian but plan to stay a while. Lines are always long and it can often take painfully long to get your bill. The $8 meal will make up for it (that's a veggie platter for 2)
  • Some of the best food I've ever tasted in my life. Vegetarian platter FTW.
  • Lamb tibs is delicious! Ask for a side salad if you're craving fresh veggies.
  • Cash only. They have one of those ATMs though.
  • Veg platter. All day. Every day. And if she's not too busy, order the traditional coffee - before you eat it comes after the meal.
  • Excellent food. There will most likely be a line-up... So please, know what you want, order, consume and head out. This is not the place to have a two hour long dinner chit chat.
  • Vegetarian platter is amazing. #3 bottles/$4 draughts of beer...don't order the wine, not good.
  • Vegetarian platter
  • Authentic Ethiopian with amazing prices! Don't expect prime service, and be prepared to wait awhile to be served, but in my opinion it's definitely worth it.
  • The vegetarian platter for 2 is $8. Not only is it a great deal, but it's fresh and delicious. Long waits but worth it.
  • The long wait leaves you craving each vegetarian platter that passes by. Its an easy introduction to Ethiopian cuisine that doesn't break the bank...two can eat comfortably and drink for $20
  • Awesome Ethiopian restaurant!
  • Bit of a wait, but cheaper than Ethiopian House. Although, I can't decide if the food's better... really good atmosphere: can't go wrong with a beer, veggie platter, and meat tibs.
  • Tibs / beef is the perfect choice for carnivores!
  • Amazing food! Cheap alcohol..must visit for the foodies!
  • So good $10-$12 to fill up two people! Did I mention cheap beer?!

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