National Rum Day: Stories and 4 Recipes to Celebrate

Learn about the sugarcane spirit (while sipping on some rum cocktails)

Happy National Rum Day!

We can't complain about these holidays dedicated to our favorite spirits. Today's holiday? National Rum Day! Grab your bottle of the sugarcane spirit, learn about the history of rum, find out where to drink it, and most importantly, get some tantalizing rum cocktail recipes. 

The Story of Rum: Thanks to our friends at The, who break down the history of the spirit. 

The Story of Rhum Agricole: This isn't your typical rum. 

Barbardos Food & Wine and Rum Festival: Where better to drink rum than in Barbados? The Daily Meal's executive editor Arthur Bovino takes a peek behind the scenes at the famous rum festival. 

8 Great Rum Bars: If you can't enjoy rum in Barbados, find out where to enjoy the spirit stateside. After all, why should tequila bars get all the fun? 


Whip up some rum cocktail recipes, below: 

The Dark & Stormy: You won't go wrong with a traditional rum cocktail, made by New York City's Fatty Crab and Fatty Cue.

The Ginger Mojito: A new twist on the mojito, served at Koi Bryant Park. 

The Zapaca Manhattan: Give your whiskey bottle the night off; this Manhattan is made with Zapaca rum. 

The Rum Sazerac: A Sazerac is usually made with cognac, but a rum Sazerac shows off a lighter side to the drink. 

Or, check out The Daily Meal's Ali Rosen and learn the Paddington Cocktail from PDT.