National Picnic Day for Eco-Lovers

Set the season up right on the day to celebrate warm weather's finest past time, the picnic!

Grab that wicker basket and that gingham blanket and get ready to go. 

National Picnic Day is something to enjoy with friends and family. Though it's a celebratory event, this day could just be the first of many in a spring and summer filled with chicken salad sandwiches, lemonade, and homebaked brownies

Fill that basket with a favorite from each guest or simply call it a pot-luck picnic and have everyone contribute. 

With Earth Day just behind us, we've discovered a few eco-friendly additives to the outdoor eating family to make your lunchtime fun not only easier to achieve, but better for the Earth. 

Eco Picnic Basket: Handwoven and made from 100% all-natural and renewable resources, this willow carry-all comes with all the whistles and bells fit for hosting a romantic feast for two. 

EcoLunch Box: Stainless steel, making it easy to wash and durable, these canisters come in all different sizes—perfect for sides and appetizers. 

Small Baggu: Perfect for carrying leftovers bag home, these reusable totes are an ideal size to send friends and family back with their favorite dishes. 

All-natural Picnic Blanket: Made from sustainable fabrics and super bold in color, this blanket will be hard to miss in a crowded park.