Selera Jaya 223

Food Court, Malay, Asian
Jalan 51A/223 (Petaling Jaya)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46100


  • Nasi lemak panas... Syokkk woo mkn!!
  • Fresh steamed coconut flavored Rice packed in aromatic banana leave.... *i'm lovin' it'
  • Must eat nasi lemak bungkus and otak2
  • Nasi campur stall no.8...mmg murah...I like.
  • Always will be my dinner spot whenever I can't think of a better place to dine. Nasi lemak panas is the bomb, both spicy and sweet ones. Simply irresistible!
  • The nasi lemak, otak2, sup kambing, laksa, power with ori, bla bla bla... All the foods here are tip-top.. Terbaek!!!
  • Nasi lemak and sup kambing
  • Personal preference: go for red sign - spicy sambal, blue sign - fragrant rice, so eat both :)
  • Nasi Lemak Panas sedap dimakan dan murah. But "cleanness" kurang sikit
  • Beware of the fist store next to the nasi kukus. The Mak Cik is cheating a day before I bought 2 nasi lemak with telur goreng is RM 2.50 and today I go and buy the same thing is RM 3 for one.
  • Perfect match of nasi lemak and otak otak here! Simple yet satisfied! :)
  • Stall No 42.. Nasi Goreng Yameni.. only here..
  • Nasi lemak merah pedas.Nasi lemak biru manis
  • A must try laksa @ stall #56 Laksa Penang.. Almost as good as d best laksa in d world @ Teluk Kechai.. Only lacking d sambal nyiuq..
  • Order bandung at gerai no 1. Yummylicious.
  • Nasi Lemak Suri sambal asing and extra sambal.. HOT HOT HOT
  • try nasi lemak hayati and otak-otak! yummy!
  • Environment is much better after the renovation. Less stuffy. Food is still good.
  • *correction* Blue stamp (Suri) has spicier sambal and nice solid drier rice, red stamp (Yatie) has sweeter sambal and mushy wetter rice.
  • Nasik lemak baek punya!!! :)

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